Sunday, 20 May 2007

Request for Comment

The most exhaustive resource for all aspiring web geeks or hackers is something called RFC or Request For Comment. RFCs basically started out as discussion groups during the days of Arpanet.
RFCs are online textfiles which have been writen by some computer geeks. They contain the most comprehensive guides to how the networks or the internet works.
An ideal situation would be that you memorise all the RFCs and learn them by heart. For those of you who need to take time out of sleep and eat and who don't have tonnes of free time? Well, for them, there is a complete list of RFCs with their numbers and titles. The best foolproof way of seeking a RFC is to use your favourite search engine. Say, if you want RFc821, then simply type in 'RFC 821' into the search field.

In fact there is also a RFC on RFC! Yes, RFC 825 is meant to clarify the status and all your doubts about other RFCs.

For a complete list of RFCs visit

There is also something called FYI, which stands for For Your Information. They provide an easier guide to what RFCs explain. to learn more about FYIs and to find out where to get them read the RFC on FYIs (RFC 1150).

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