Friday, 18 May 2007

Finding Information On the Net

The internet is th most exhaustive and comprehensive library of information and knowledge.It is really easy to get lost in this gigantic resource.

Let us first consider search engines. Knowing about the best search engines and knowing how to use them efficiently are two completely different things. Try typing 'hacking', 'cracking', 'hacker' or even 'learn to hack' into any of them. You would find zillions of websites and newsgroups posts to read from. You need to figure out how to use the search engines to get what you want and not what they have to offer to you. Using quotes (" ") you can narrow down the search parameters and and make the search more specific.

Using Boolean Logic , (yes, i know this may come as a surprise to most guys who still find it difficult to figure out the uses of boolean algebra) can also narrow down the search parameters, making the results more spedific and efficient. For example, searching for 'hacking - exploits' will give results with information on hacking but no information on exploits. Similarly + an NOT can be used to narrow down the search criteria.

Let us set aside search engines for a moment. Let us consider mailing lists. These lists are a great way of exchanging information with both experienced hackers and wannabe hackers from around the world. But again, like every dark alley of the internet, on each list there is at least one obnoxious overly smart egoistic pretentious boaster who tries to prove his mental superiority by either using foul or impolite rantings. Ask them a question, even a good one, and you are likely to be flamed (they would be perhaps sensible enough not to mailbomb you).

I feel that the best way to learn anything is by asking as many questions as possible. Sometimes even the dumbest questions elicit some some really interesting answers. So feel free to put up as many querries as you want.