Friday, 18 May 2007

gettin started..

my next couple of posts would include some useful information for the newbies(like myself) who want to be hackers or would like to get their hands wet in some serious programming.
so here it goes!!


Divye said...

Make sure you distinguish between hackers and crackers. There is a world of difference. Check out Wikipedia.
"Hackers" is a word much misused by the media. It seems that you want to talk more about "Crackers".

Sarvpriye said...

I guess you are right(that i shouls distinguish) but i do want to speak about hackers not crackers. I would like to point out some differences between hackers and crakers. Divye please correct me if i am wrong.
The description of 'Hackers' provided by the media is nowhere near what hackers actually stand for. Real hackers like to call people who break into systems 'crackers'. Actually, people who code and release viruses are called 'virii coders'.
Hackers are actually nice people from whom you can learn a lot. I feel that real hackers are normally always helpfuland really intelligent and knowledgeable.
I admit that there is a very thin line between hackers (nice people) and crakers (not so nice people) and not many can resist the temptation of crossing it. A cracker gains popularity only amongst a small part of the population that is the underground world. An ethical hacker, however, gains popularity amongst a larger section of the society. I feel that a hacker who is popular among the normal people is also envied and respected by crackers.